Best CRM for Small Business | Chosen by Industry Experts

by ComparisonX Editorial Mar 10, 2019

We asked seven industry experts what is the best CRM for small business and why?

HubSpot comes out as the clear favorite.  The industry experts cite HubSpots accessible pricing, ease of use and marketing integration as ideal for small business.

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Erica Stritch, Rain Group:

“HubSpot is a great CRM for small businesses—it’s intuitive, user friendly, and covers most small business needs. Best of all? The basic version is free!

If you’re looking for one tool that your entire team can use regardless of technical knowledge, HubSpot CRM is it. You can:

  • Use plug-ins to automatically log emails to and from prospects and customers in the CRM
  • Establish a calendar link so prospects can select their own meeting times
  • Call and record meetings directly within HubSpot
  • Get notifications about email opens or attachment downloads
  • Create personalized sequences
  • Customize your pipeline stages and value

Bonus: If your organization is already using HubSpot’s Marketing Hub, your sellers will get insight into their prospects’ and customers’ marketing activity (emails read, social media interactions, website visits, etc.)

HubSpot CRM truly consolidates manual spreadsheets, multiple tools, and ignored email folders into one easy-to-navigate system without a lot of clunky extras. It’s a great starting point for any business.”

Erica Stritch
RAIN Group
VP of Marketing
Rain Group on Linked-In

Carina Duffy, Impact:

“I think HubSpot is the best CRM system for small (and medium-sized) businesses for a few reasons.

One – it has starter offerings that are low-cost, so you can start using the tools as soon as you start your business, even if you have very little cash flow.

Two – the tools are able to scale with your business: as your business grows you can continue to add functionalities and features to accommodate your needs.

Three – HubSpot’s Marketing, Sales and Service tools sit on top of the CRM and allow you to not just manage your database, but manage your entire end-to-end customer relationship.”

Carina Duffy
HubSpot Specialist and Lead HubSpot Trainer at IMPACT
Carina Duffy Linked-In

Drew Cohen, Smartbug Media:

“As Hubspot has evolved, it’s become a CRM system that businesses of all sizes can utilize. However, in the small business space, it still is the best option. The user interface is second to none, and the ability to integrate with the Marketing and Service Hubs makes it a fantastic option. Also, small businesses don’t always stay small forever, and Hubspot offers the flexibility to add/remove modules as necessary, allowing it to be the system of record for a business as it evolves in the marketplace. Hubspot has invested in technology, and the fact that there are tons of integrations into the platform make it that much more appealing to small businesses who may not have the technical resources to build out custom integrations for a CRM.”

Drew Cohen
Senior Marketing Strategist & Team Lead
SmartBug Media
Drew Cohen Linked-In

Alex Quinn, BroadPoint:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is compelling for small businesses they can start just with what they need without the need for a huge, upfront investment.  Dynamics 365 apps are designed so they can be easily and independently deployed. That means you can start small with the right fit for your role, industry and business and pay only for what you need. Additionally, deep integration between Dynamics 365 and Office 365 ensures that small business employees are empowered with productivity tools surfaced in the context of their business processes. Dynamics 365 also infuses big data, advanced analytics and Internet of Things (IoT) into processes right out-of-the-box.

And finally, Dynamics 365 works best for small businesses because it enables companies to adapt and innovate in real time with nimble, adaptable applications so you can compose, modify and extend processes.”

Alex Quinn
Marketing Manager
Follow BroadPoint on LinkedIn

Lily Smirnova,  CoreValue:

“The differences between CRM software for smaller and larger businesses are the price and the number of the functions.

CRM system developed for a small organization provides fewer features. Its main focuses are simplicity and ease of use. Usually, such companies don’t have IT departments, so, unlike big organizations, they require CRM systems that are easily installed and fairly intuitive. As a result, CRM doesn’t have to be features-overloaded as that might make a system too complex.

There are even the options of free trials of CRM tools that might be useful to be tried out.”

Lily Smirnova
Marketing and Business Development Manager

John Campbell, Blue Frog:

“It’s tough to beat the HubSpot CRM for a small business. It’s super easy to set up. It provides significant functionality but not to the point that it’s complex to use, and it’s free. The learning curve is very short and because of its simplicity, it’s not intimidating to people who are new to using a CRM system.”

John Campbell, President
Blue Frog, Dynamic Marketing
Blue Frog

George Brontén, Founder, Membrain:

“Companies should NOT select CRM systems based on their size.

Companies should select CRM system based on *how* they sell, not how much they sell for. A company selling fast-moving consumer products will need very different tools and workflows than a company selling complex b2b solutions in long sales cycles.”

George Brontén



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