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What does CRM stand for?

by ComparisonX Editorial

CRM means customer relationship management. CRM software allows companies to track all interactions with current and potential customers. Common CRM software includes HubSpot, Salesforce and Pipedrive. Today’s CRM systems also integrate with marketing campaigns to allow companies to send out tailored messages and can also interface to other departments such as finance. Read our guides to HubSpot and PipeDrive Check out our rankings of top CRM providers The sales industry likes nothing better than a good acronym. Here are some […]

HubSpot Facts: Infographic

by ComparisonX Editorial

What makes HubSpot one of the most successful CRM and marketing automation companies?   Read our detailed review of HubSpot Latest HubSpot pricing Read our guide to marketing automation Industry experts choose their best CRM solutions for large and small business

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Join the ComparisonX Review Team

by ComparisonX Editorial

We believe the best people to review business products are the people who use them. Each product we review is ranked and rated by everyday users. We have three teams of reviewers: Marketing and advertising technology Accountancy and finance software users Sales professionals and CRM users Each industry team rates the main product suppliers in their industry.  We only list the top five solutions on ComparisonX. Join a review team Joining a review team is your opportunity to share your […]

HubSpot Pricing

HubSpot Pricing – Updated February 2019

by ComparisonX Editorial

In this article we will provide a detailed description of HubSpot pricing for each of their products and tiers of access.  Starter Professional Enterprise HubSpot CRM Free Free Free Marketing Hub $50 $800 $3200 Sales Hub $50 $400 $1200 Service Hub $50 $400 $1200 Growth Suite $113 $1200 $4200 Prices Per Month in US Dollars – correct as of February 2019 Read a detailed review of Hubspot HubSpot CRM – Free Yes, Hubspot CRM is completely free.  This is not […]