Pipedrive CRM review

Pipedrive CRM In-Depth Review

by ComparisonX Editorial Feb 02, 2019

Pipedrive has earned a reputation as one of the strongest CRM solutions available on the market today.  In this article we detail the main features and benefits of the system, detail current pricing and compare to how it stacks up to the competition.

About Pipedrive

Built and maintained by salespeople and diehard web developers Pipedrive has earned great reviews from sales managers and business owners.

The most noteworthy feature of Pipedrive its customization features. It will allow you to make tweaks and changes to all your workflows. This means that no matter how complicated or unique your company’s sales process is Pipedrive is up to the task.

Used by small and medium sized businesses, Pipedrive offers a suite of features that will allow you to manage just about every aspect of your company’s sales operations.  Pipedrive takes the projects that were once time-consuming and makes them straightforward and quick.

The Pipedrive system itself is even easy to learn and understand. Its intuitive design allows users to dive right in without the need to attend any training seminars or courses. Pipedrive is completely mobile-optimized and can integrate with a large number of popular third-party business systems. This means that if your company is using Google Calendar to manage your schedule you won’t need to make any changes when you start using Pipedrive.

Key Features Of Pipedrive

Pipedrive offers no shortage of interesting features for users to enjoy, such as:

Sales Forecasting

One of the most impressive tools offered by Pipedrive is its sales forecasting system. Not only does it predict your upcoming sales revenue, but it also helps you to identify and focus on the deals that are most likely to close. This ensures that you and your salespeople are spending your time on the tasks that will make your company the most money.

Multiple Language Options

No matter where your company is located or who you are doing business with Pipedrive is almost certainly available in the language that you need. Its 16 languages are: English (UK), English (US), Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese (BR), Italian, Russian, Japanese, Finnish, Estonian, Norwegian, Turkish, Polish, and Korean.

Multiple Currency Options

Just as Pipedrive is available in multiple languages, it also offers support for a variety of different currencies. This makes it simple to do business with companies from across the globe. Whether you need to transact in USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, MXN, JPY, or AUD, Pipedrive has got you covered.

Easy Integration

Whenever you introduce a new system into your business it is always good to know that it can integrate well with your existing technology. This is certainly the case for Pipedrive. It can pair with your chosen calendar, email, or just about any third party system. In fact, you can even send emails directly from the Pipedrive program. No need to open up your Gmail in a separate window.

Pipeline Management

The main reason why your company might want to buy a CRM is to better streamline and organize your sales leads.  Pipedrive provides an easy-to-use interface that can prompt your users to take actions, stay organized and remain in control of the sales process. In short, Pipedrive helps to ensure that no leads or potential sales will fall through the cracks.

Detailed Reporting

No matter what type of business you are running it is always important to keep an eye on your key metrics and company data. Pipedrive goes out of its way to make it as simple as possible for you to pull detailed reports. The data can tell you just about anything you need to know about your company’s sales. If you are a visual learner Pipedrive can even provide you with charts that visualize the data for you.

Data Security

Your company’s sales and financial information is one of the most important things that it owns. You should do everything in your power to keep it protected. Luckily, Pipedrive makes this easy. Their hosting infrastructure features full encryption and nightly backups hosted in multiple locations. No system is 100% secure, but with Pipedrive your data should be be safe.


Your company is unlike any other. There is a good chance that you will need to make some tweaks or changes to your CRM system to make it fulfill all your needs. Pipedrive makes it simple to carry out functions such as creating custom fields, deleting unnecessary features, and adding brand new stages to your workflow. This ensures that no matter what task you need to complete Pipedrive has the ability to help.

Mobile Usability

Less and less work is being completed on desktop computers. Instead business leaders and company managers prefer to carry out their tasks on their smartphones or tablets. With Pipedrive, you will be able to oversee and manage your company’s sales processes on any of these devices. Its dedicated iOS and Android apps ensure that you and your team can work from anywhere that has an internet connection.

Goals & Activities

As a business leader it is up to you to ensure that your employees are performing to the best of their abilities. Pipedrive makes this easy to track. It allows you to assign achievable goals to your team members and set up a series of activities and reminders. .

Pros Of The Pipedrive CRM System

Working with Pipedrive can have some important benefits to your company, such as:

Better Organization

Without intelligent and efficient systems in place your office can become overrun with contracts, lead development forms, and other items. If your sales staff has the ability to use Pipedrive they will always be able to stay organized. The system allows you to store customer contact information and lead information with ease. No need to file it away by hand.

More Efficient Sales Management

No matter what industry you operate in there is one universal truth to business; if you don’t sell, your doors won’t stay open for very long. When your company uses Pipedrive it becomes much easier to manage your sales processes and keep the money coming in. Pipedrive can act as your company’s sales manager, designating activities and identifying which deals to focus on. This helps to ensure that your employees are always working on the right things at the right times.

Quicker Deal Finalization

It can sometimes feel like your company has been talking about a deal for months or even years before it finally closes. This issue will become a thing of the past when you work with Pipedrive. The Pipedrive software makes it easy to create new deals, enter the details and send paperwork and documentation over to your client for their consideration. The system even has a bulk editing feature that will allow your salespeople to create and edit more than one deal at a time if necessary.

Satisfy Your Unique Needs

Each aspect of your business is unique to you. Your processes might be similar to what some other companies are using, but it is rarely exactly the same. As such, you shouldn’t be expected to use a CRM system that is designed to fit everybody.  Pipedrive allows you to edit and customize every aspect of its software to suit your needs. If you need to edit a form or remove a stage in a process entirely you can do so with Pipedrive. No need to find any long-winded workarounds.

Easily Track Your Company’s Sales

Without access to the proper data it can be difficult to know exactly how well your company is doing at a given time. When you work with Pipedrive, the information you need is always at your fingertips. Its dashboard and statistics features allow you to track sales performance, pull detailed reports, and compile color-coordinated charts. If you need to know a piece of information Pipedrive can help you find it.

Stay Safe From Data Breaches

Data breaches are one of the worst things that can happen to a company. When your sales and financial information falls into the wrong hands it can be used against you by your competition and may even result in legal action. Pipedrives secure encrypted system ensures that only authorized personnel can access your company’s data.

Cons Of The Pipedrive System

There are many key benefits to using Pipedrive, but there are also a few drawbacks that you should be aware of before you decide if it is the right system for you.

Lack Of Bulk Emailing

From time to time you may need to send out an email to your entire customer base, or a large subsection of it at least. This can be a little difficult with Pipedrive. At the time of writing it does not have built-in support for bulk emailing. You may need to send the emails out on an individual basis. You can always opt to use another service to handle your bulk emails if you would prefer.

Not Always Suitable For Large Businesses

Pipedrive is a CRM platform that was designed and created with self-employed individuals and small businesses in mind. It is packed full of features that individuals and companies operating at that level will find useful. But if your company is of the larger variety you may find that Pipedrive is not the right tool for you. Since it was not designed for the large business market, it lacks in features that such companies tend to use a lot.

Pipedrive Training & Support

A CRM system is, of course, only as good as the person who is using it. If you wish to get the most out of your Pipedrive software, you will need to use their training resources and customer support services. So, let’s take a quick look to see what you can expect:

Pipedrive Training

The Pipedrive system is fairly straightforward to use and you shouldn’t have too much trouble diving right in. If you would like to read up you can take advantage of the many articles and blogs that Pipedrive has posted on their website. These resources cover just about everything you could need to know about the system and CRM as a whole. If you are more of a visual learner you will be pleased to know that Pipedrive has also posted a number of demonstrations and how-to videos on their company YouTube channel.

Pipedrive Customer Support

Should you ever run into any difficulties or problems with the Pipedrive system, you will need to reach out to their customer support team. The Pipedrive team is known for being friendly, helpful, and very knowledgeable about their product. It should be noted that their phone lines are only open from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. This can make it a little tricky to solve any issues that you might have when working late at night or on the weekend.

Pipedrive Ease Of Use

Before you buy or commit to any new piece of software it is always nice to know that it is accessible and easy to use. With Pipedrive you can be confident that you and your entire team will have no trouble learning the ropes. Its intuitive user interface makes it easy to locate and make use of all the tools and features that you might need to complete your work.

Of course, not everybody learns or takes in information at the same speed. If any member of your sales team is having difficulty getting the hang of the Pipedrive system they can take advantage of the training videos, articles, and blogs that Pipedrive has produced.

If you would like to get a better idea of how easy to use the Pipedrive product is before you make a purchase, you can always sign up for a free trial. This will give you a chance to play around with the system to decide if it will work for you.

Pipedrive Pricing Plans

Before your company makes a commitment to any product, it is always a good idea to take a closer look at how much you will be paying and what you will receive for your money. With Pipedrive pricing, you will have three main pricing plans to choose from – Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each of these plans comes with the following tools and features as standard:

  • Calendar view
  • Detailed reporting tools
  • Revenue goals
  • Activities and reminders
  • Multiple pipelines
  • Customization options
  • Third-party app integration
  • Access to Pipedrive’s iOS and Android apps

Though all of Pipedrive’s pricing plans have some things in common, they are also very different in many ways. Let’s take a closer look at each plan and what they have to offer:

Pipedrive Silver – $15 per user per month (or $12.50 per user per month when billed annually)

Pipedrive Silver was designed to be an introductory CRM system. This is a good option to create a coherent sales process and keep your team members focused and organized. With this plan, you will receive access to:

  • Personal and team goals
  • Multiple user permission sets
  • A fully-customizable live dashboard
  • Smart emailing
  • Customer support via chat and email

Pipedrive Gold – $29 per user per month (or $24.20 per user per month when billed annually)

As your company begins to outgrow the Pipedrive Silver plan the Gold plan provides the next level of access. It is designed to allow you to optimize your organization’s sales process and spend less time on sales administrative work. If you sign up for the Pipedrive Gold plan you will receive all the tools that are included in the Pipedrive Silver plan as well as access to:

  • A sales inbox
  • Smart workflow automation
  • A built-in scheduler
  • A product catalog
  • Intelligent contact data

Pipedrive Platinum – $59 per user per month (or $49.17 per user per month when billed annually)

When your company’s needs move beyond the features available in Pipedrive Gold plan, the Pipedrive Platinum plan has got you covered. Pipedrive’s biggest plan allows you to manage your sales teams, track their performance and make any adjustments that you see fit. Pipedrive Platinum includes all the tools and features from the Silver and Gold plans as well as granting you access to:

  • Multiple dashboards
  • Team organization tools
  • Detailed revenue forecasting
  • Single sign-on functionality

Additional Pricing Information

While you are deciding which Pipedrive plan is right for you it is worth remembering that Pipedrive does not make you sign any contracts or pay any setup fees. You can even make use of their free trial to see if Pipedrive is right for you. Additionally, should you ever need to upgrade or downgrade your plan, you can do so at any time –  no questions asked.

Alternatives To Pipedrive

Although Pipedrive is one of the premier CRM products on the market today, there are a few other systems that you may wish to consider before making your final decision, such as:


Hubspot logoOne of Pipedrive’s most prominent competitors is HubSpot. The HubSpot system is designed to be as simple and user-friendly as possible. HubSpot allows sales teams to get started without need to make any large changes to their existing workflows or processes.

HubSpot offers a large breadth of features  such as deal tracking, dashboard monitoring, and a host of third-party app integrations.  The Hubspot CRM tool integrates with the large number of Hubspot sales and marketing tools.

One of HubSpot’s biggest selling point is its price. The system is has a free tier and then accessible prices for paid plans.

All of this means that, if you are searching for a lowcost and feature packed CRM system HubSpot is a solid option.

Highlights Of HubSpot

Some of the main features that customers love about HubSpot include:

  • Pricing: HubSpot has a free tier and low cost paid plans
  • Marketing and customer service apps:  Hubspot had a wide breadth of tools that are available at a fraction of the cost of other Martech companies
  • Easy To Use: The HubSpot system is intuitive and easy to use. Whether you are new to the world of CRM software or used to a different program you will almost certainly get the hang of HubSpot in no time
  • Customer Support: Should you run into any difficulties with HubSpot their well-trained and knowledgeable customer support team will be standing by and ready to assist you
  • Training:  Hubspot has one of the strongest training programs available.  There is also a very active customer support community online
  • Easy Integration: HubSpot offers a wide range of third-party app integrations
  • Sales Monitoring And Tracking: The easy to use dashboards have helped to make HubSpot one of the most used CRM systems today

Zoho CRM

Zoho LogoZoho CRM is one of the most viable alternatives to Pipedrive. The Zoho CRM system is designed to make it as easy as possible for your business to attract, retain, manage, and satisfy your customers. Pricing starts at just $12 per user per month and a free trial is available if needed.

Though Zoho CRM focuses its energies on tools such as lead and contact management, it also offers features such as sales pipeline management and purchasing control. As is typical with most of Zoho’s products, Zoho CRM is easy and intuitive to use. Users will find that just about any tool or functionality that they might need is a mouse-click away.

However, before you dive headlong into the Zoho CRM system, you should be aware of one of its main drawbacks – its lack of integration options. Zoho CRM has been primarily designed to interact with other Zoho-made products and large applications such as Outlook, QuickBooks, and MailChimp. If you are using a smaller third-party application, you may have some trouble in making it connect with your new CRM program.

Highlights Of Zoho CRM

Let’s take a quick look at some of the things that Zoho CRM users love about the system:

  • Ease Of Use: Zoho goes out of its way to make the products in their catalog as easy to use as possible, and Zoho CRM is no different. Even inexperienced users should be able to learn the ropes quickly
  • Automation: If you would like your employees to spend less time carrying out admin work and more time selling, Zoho CRM may be the tool for you. It allows you to automate tasks such as importing contacts and matching leads
  • Mobile Usability:  Zoho CRM offers dedicated iOS and Android applications that make this easy
  • Real-Time Reporting: When you look at your company’s data, you don’t want to know how things looked a week ago, a month ago, or last quarter. You want to know how things are going right now.  Zoho CRM features a real-time reporting feature that allows you to view up-to-the-minute data at any time.

Freshsales by Freshbooks

FreshbooksDesigned primarily with agile, high-velocity sales teams in mind, Freshsales is the fourth addition to the Freshdesk family of products. It is best described as a contact management hub that will allow your company to stay in control of hundreds or even thousands of leads at any one time. Like Zoho CRM, pricing for Freshsales starts at $12 per user per month, and you can take advantage of a 30-day free trial before you make a commitment.

The easy-to-use and intuitive interface on offer with the Freshsales platform makes it easy for you to distribute and nurture leads, make and record sales calls, and run detailed reports on your sales activity.

Highlights Of Freshsales

A brief list of some of Frshsales’s most popular tools, features, and abilities include:

  • Ease Of Use: Like all the best CRM systems Freshsales is straightforward and easy-to-use. No need to spend endless hours training your employees on how to use this system
  • Email Tracking: When you send an email out of the Freshsales system, you will be able to track its every move. This will allow you to see who has opened your emails and who is ignoring them
  • Direct Calling: Freshsales is one of the few introductory CRM systems that will allow you to transfer a call to it. It even features an auto-dialer, personalized welcome messages, and the ability to track the performance of your sales staff on a call
  • Customer Support: Though Freshsales is pretty simple to use, you may still run into the occasional issue. If you do, the friendly and highly-trained customer support team will be standing by and ready to assist you

Monday.com CRM

Previously known as daPulse, Monday.com is a collaboration and communication tool used by teams around the globe. Along the many tools on offer in the Monday.com system is a dedicated CRM tool.

Within this CRM tool users can carry out functions such as pipeline management, information consolidation, sales processing, and account management. This makes it possible for your company to increase its sales figures and improve its customer retention rates.

Before you rush out to get your hands on a Monday.com system (starting at $25 per user per month), you should be aware of one of its main drawbacks. Since it was not designed only as a CRM system, it is lacking in some of the tools and features that you are likely to find in dedicated CRM programs.

Highlights of Monday.com CRM

Let’s take a quick look at some of the things that Monday.com CRM users love about the system:

  • Customizability: If you need to make changes or edits to processes to better suit your company’s needs, it is easy with Monday.com CRM
  • Communication Tools: Because it is primarily designed as a communication and collaboration system, Monday.com CRM makes it simple to work with your salespeople. Whether they are in the office next door, or thousands of miles away, you’ll never struggle to communicate with Monday.com
  • Customer Service: Monday.com has developed something of a reputation for superb customer service. If you get stuck in the middle of a big project, their helpful team will be there to work through the problem with you
  • Integration Options: Integrating Monday.com with the other programs that your office uses is a breeze. It is connected with major systems such as Dropbox and Zapier, and it even offers an open API structure that allows developers to create their own integrations


Pipedrive has earned a reputation as a quality CRM system through its customization and ease of use. Some may find it lacks the features of Salesforce or breadth of marketing tools as HubSpot.  However, Pipedrive is a solid choice for companies wanting a CRM system that can be tailored to their sales environment.

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